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 List and Classification

To receive the benefits of the Law 18.450 (Article 1 of Regulation letter U) the projects must be prepared by a professional registered in the National Public Registry of Consultant of the National Irrigation Commission. 
In order to provide better information to users, is available the new
List and classification of current consultants in the Consultants Registry of the CNR.
This list ranks the consultants in 4 categories according to the marks obtained in the
evaluation period the previous year.
Equivalent Grade
Role of consultant
At least 70% of the maximum
At least 50% and up to 69% of the maximum
At least 30% and up to 49% of the maximum
Less than 30% of the maximum
Not evaluated
E (not rated)
This year 2014, the list contains the results of the evaluation carried out in the period between December 2012 and October 2013 and it is valid until the next mark will be published in 2015.
This classification is listed with contact information such as address, email and phone, and other relevant data that seek to provide users more information when selecting your consultant.