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 Natural Person

List of requirements for registration of consultants, natural person. Links to registration forms
To submit projects to Law 18450 must be enrolled in the General area of ​​the registry.
To register as an individual in the general area must meet the following requirements:
a)   Degree in Civil Engineering or Agricultural Engineering, or
b) To establish demonstrable knowledge concerning to design, implementation or management of irrigation works.
Interested individuals who meet the requirements should submit documentation of registration with the following record paper.
a)    Letter-request to the Executive Secretary of the Commission (see Format 1A.)
b)    Applicant Record Form (Form   2).
c)    Curriculum Vitae concerned (Form 3).
d)    Summary of experience of the consultant (Form 4).
e)    Certificate of professional diploma in original and photocopy.
f)     Certificates of professional experience backing.
g)    If the person concerned belongs to a profession defined as "similar career" or not between those mentioned explicitly, you must attach a certified and / or certificates of curriculum support graduate study or specialty courses.
Note: Record Form must indicate the subject areas in which you can enroll according to their training.
The records should be submitted in a folder to the offices of the National Irrigation Commission in Santiago in Alameda 1449, 4th floor.