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 Legal Framework

Law and Regulation
Law 18.450 was enacted in 1985 and amended by the law 18.889, 18.919 19.316, the last amended in Act 20.401, which begins to count 04/12/2009 extending for a period of 12 years.

This Law in its first article provides that the State, through the National Irrigation Commission, will credit the cost of studies, construction and rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage works and investments in equipment and elements of mechanical irrigation or generation, always that run to increase the irrigation area, improve the water supply in irrigated areas as deficit, improve the quality and efficiency of the application of irrigation water or enable agricultural soils with poor drainage and, in general, every work of the irrigation and other uses directly associated with reclaimed irrigation works, empowerment and connection, whose projects are selected and approved as set forth in this law.

The bonus state that this law refers to apply as follows: small farmers (INDAP) are entitled to a maximum bonus of 90%. Applicants of a surface irrigation to 40 acres may apply for weighted maximum bonus of 80% and applicants a weighted surface irrigation of more than 40 hectares will apply a maximum bonus of 70%. This bonus can only be effective once built the work for the project.

Law Regulation 18.450

The 18,450 refers to the Rules regulating certain matters specific to this Law, providing in Article 17 that its regulations will be posted by Supreme Decree after approval by the Council of Ministers of the National Irrigation Commission. At the date of enactment of Law 20,401, however there is an existing regulation is required to adapt and modify their regulations to the amendments to the Law 18.450 established in Law 20.401.
Therefore by DS No. 98/2010 of the Ministry of Agriculture, approved and put into effect, as of June 30, 2011, the new regulation that considers the changes introduced by Law 20,401. Modifications to the previous regulation were previously approved at the meeting No. 147/2010 of the Council of Ministers of the National Irrigation Commission, ratified by Resolution No. 3.511/2010 CNR.