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One of the most significant modifications made to the Development Act by Law No. 20,401 in 2009, corresponds to the provisions of Article 4 of the legal body, which creates the National Public Register of Consultants of the National Irrigation Commission. The same article provides for the requirement that projects submitted to public tenders must be signed by persons previously qualified and registered in the register.

So, such as ordered by law in Article No. 17, the Council of Ministers at its meeting N146/100 approved the Regulation Registry Consultants which was then fixed by the Ministry of Agriculture by Supreme Decree DS No. 97/2010.
The legislation aims to meet the need to strengthen the consulting market around the program to encourage private investment in irrigation and drainage, making available to interested people with information that will facilitate appropriate selection of professional and consulting firms to the design, application to contest, monitoring and / or inspection of the implementation of the projects.

Invite you to register to natural and legal persons involved, sending his record on paper as indicated in the requirements for registration of consultants.

Questions may be directed to the address: registro.consultores @