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 Mission and Objectives

General Purpose
  • Manage the processes relating to the design and execution of studies, programs and projects by the institution, coordinating interinstitutionally the implementation of the National Irrigation Policy of the country, according to the guidelines of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Strengthen irrigated agriculture and contribute to economic development of the agricultural sector within a framework of environmental sustainability and social equity.
  • Develop, propose guidelines and institutional guidelines on development initiatives that support the implementation of the National Irrigation Policy.
Specific Objectives
  • Generate timely studies and irrigation and drainage programs that specifically contribute to the increase in the safe irrigation surface of the country.
  • Manage and administer the implementation of the budget program associated with investment initiatives, providing technical advice on matters related to: mechanization, storage, project finance, regularization of rights.
  • Lead the training process and support the process of regularization of rights to harvest water user organizations (irrigators) to enhance its ability to efficient management of water resources.
  • Coordinate the various public institutions related to subsector, in order to implement the Policy and National Irrigation Program of the country, ensuring the continuous updating of these.
  • Create mechanisms and instances of irrigation technology transfer to farmers, mechanization and efficient programming of water use for irrigation.