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 Function Studies Unit


1. Evaluation of the feasibility of development of available resources in river basins of the country.

2. Identifying profitable and compatible projects with the increase and improvement of surface irrigation.

3. Development of "Integrated Studies of Irrigation" with their hydrological and hydrogeological studies, soil, topographic and agroclimatic raising of the region or selected area.

4. In the life cycle of projects, the CNR is responsible for the development, financing and monitoring studies of integrated watershed management (originating profiles of advanced irrigation), feasibility studies and processing in the Council of Ministers for approval the execution of irrigation works.

5. Participation as technical partner in the cooperation agreements with international organizations or countries that provide technical and financial support to Chile.

6. Incorporation of technological innovations for development and implementation of computer programs with geographic information to support integrated management and regional planning policies and strategies and actions of irrigation users.

7. Coordination and monitoring of hiring investment initiatives, work programs and delivery of final reports of outside consultants and professionals.

8. Review, evaluation and editing of Studies, Projects and Programs for publication as documents of the CNR. 

9. Updating and maintenance of the Base of reference information from the Division of Research and Development initiatives investment in irrigation, and external consultants’ directory.