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 Transparency Law


On 20th April 2009, the Transparency Law came into force, marking a historic milestone for the national management system and reaching an important step in Chile´s democracy and the transparency of its governmental actions. 

The Act´s direct predecessor is article 8° of the Political Constitution incorporated in the constitutional reform of 2005 (Act N° 20.050). This act established the principles of integrity and transparency of the public service and its mandatory status for every State body, including the Congress, the Judicial Power and each body with constitutional autonomy.

However, the new law has its origins in a bill presented to the Congress by senators Hernán Larraín (UDI) and Jaime Gazmuri (PS) in January 2005, when both were president and vice-president of the Senate at the time.

This bill, whose aim was to regulate in a more systematic and complete way the right to access public information, modified various legal bodies. Among them were the Law of the General Basis for State Administration, the Organic Law of the National Congress, the Court Statutory Code, the Organic Law of Municipalities, with the purpose of introducing mechanisms to make public actions and resolutions of different authorities and employees.

In accordance to the constitutional reform of 2005, and within the framework of the Integrity and Transparency Agenda supported by the President of the Republic, in November 2006, the Government decided to completely modify the bill text for one that proposed a special set of regulations. 

Whilst the draft legislation was under review, in December 2006 Presidential Note N°008 required that all services and organizations dependant of the Central Administration of the State publish information on their personnel, public procurement, amongst others, on each of the organizations Web sites under the banner of “Transparent Government”. 

The bill was finally approved by both Chambers of the Congress in January 2008 and published in the Official Journal on 20th August of that same year. Eight months later, on 20th April 2009, this Act came fully into force recognizing the right of all country citizens to know and freely access the data managed by the State Administration.