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 Council of Civil Society


In 2006, the Agenda for Citizens´ Participation was publicly presented. It consists of a group of initiatives that promote the participation, the execution of civil rights, the setting up of civil associations, and respect for diversity. Its main objectives, which involve ministries and services, have to do with timely access to public information, participatory public administration, strengthening of the partnership culture, respect towards diversity and non-discrimination.

One of the main goals of this Agenda states that spaces must be generated by all public administration entities to promote a Participatory Public Administration that guarantees the active participation of citizens on all policies, plans and programmes developed by those entities. 

The Presidential Instructions on Public Participation state that public participation is a duty for each area of the public administration, hence must:

  1. Establish a General Act of Participation that must consider the way in which people can influence the development of policies that are of their interest. 
  2. Produce a yearly public report in terms of the management of its policies, programmes, actions and budgetary execution.
  3. Establish Councils of Civil Society whose integration must obey to the principles of diversity, representation and pluralism.
  4. Publicly and timely provide all the relevant information in terms of policies, programmes, actions and budgets.