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Mission and Strategic Definitions

To increase and improve the country´s irrigated surface through the creation of policies, research, programmes and projects in order to achieve a better competitiveness of farmers and of users’ organizations. 

Strategic Objectives

1.- To constantly coordinate, implement, and assess the National Policy of Irrigation, through plans and programmes that allow for the improvement of the country´s irrigated surface.
2.- To increase the irrigation surface as well as the safety and efficiency of irrigation water use in the country, through the construction of water works under  Act 18.450, Irrigation Subsidies. 
3.- To strengthen the management of Water User Organizations, through a better use of water rights and the creation of Monitoring Boards to ensure a more dynamic  water market and a more efficient use of water resources.
4.- To plan and prioritise the increase and improvement of the country´s irrigation surface, through investment initiatives that would optimise agricultural water use.

Strategic Products

1.- National Irrigation and Drainage Policy in accordance to the Ministry´s new strategic guidelines .
2.- Irrigated surface with technified irrigation systems as per Act 18.450.
3.- New irrigation surfaces as per Act Nº 18.450.
4.- Legal and administrative procedures for the regularization of water rights and the creation of Monitoring Boards
5.- Prioritised research and projects of water storage and distribution.