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Who are we?

The National Commission of Irrigation (CNR) is a state-owned legal entity, created in September 1975. Its aim is to ensure the growth and improvement of the country´s irrigated surface. In 1985, the management of national Act 18.450 was incorporated to its duties. It promotes private works of construction and repairing for irrigation and drainage, and supports the agricultural development of local producers in those areas.


Its main management objectives are:


·         To contribute to the development of the national irrigation policy of the country.

·         To improve irrigation efficiency through productive projects.

·         To focus all efforts towards developing the country´s remote regions and producers in vulnerable positions.

·         To promote private investment of water works by optimizing investments and by assigning irrigation and drainage subsidies.

·         To assess technical feasibility and economic investments of profitable water works according to the country´s water resources.

By the end of the 1960s, the existence of different services related to irrigation activities was detected. Due to their multi-sector character, in 1975, CNR was created as a state institution to coordinate all efforts and to oversee the country’s investment in irrigation.


Additionally, in 1985, the Act 18.450 (Promotion Act for Private Investors in Irrigation and Drainage Small Works) was placed under CNR´s management.


CNR is headed by a Council of Ministers led by the Minister of Agriculture and composed by the Minister of Economics, Minister of Development and Reconstruction, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Public Works, Planning and Cooperation. It also has an Executive Secretariat whose aim is to carry out the agreements made by the Council. The Executive Secretariat is divided in four operative departments and headed by one executive department.